In the interest of a fair and constructive discussion, we ask you to observe the following rules of conduct:

1. The role of the moderator

The discussion will be facilitated by neutral moderators who will ensure a constructive exchange. If contributions and comments do not comply with the rules of a fair dialogue (rules of conduct), the moderation has the right not to release them or to remove them afterwards. User accounts under which posts that repeatedly violate the rules are published can also be permanently blocked.

2. Cultivate a respectful relationship with each other

Always remember that there are people behind the posts who want to be treated just as respectfully and taken just as seriously as you do. Stand up for your views and interests, but in any case refrain from verbal attacks on other people or institutions.

Insults, threats, profanity, inflammatory remarks, and discrimination and defamation of persons and groups based on their religion, origin, nationality, physical condition, income level, sexual identity, age or gender will not be tolerated. Pornographic or criminally relevant statements also violate the rules of conduct on this platform. Should you disregard these rules of conduct, the moderators reserve the right not to release or to remove your contributions.

3. Write your texts yourself

The texts you post must be written by yourself. You are welcome to use short quotations to support your statements. Please always clearly state the source of the quotation and the author(s).

4. No advertising please

Advertising for services and products of any kind is not allowed.

5. Ensure the relevance of the article

Make sure that your contribution is relevant to the topic of discussion and the platform. Repeated submissions with the same content or repeated references to your own posts and comments are not allowed. To increase the likelihood that your posts will be read by other discussion participants, make sure you are concise and avoid repetition.

6. Use your anonymity responsibly

Do not abuse the supposed anonymity on the internet to impersonate another real person or to discredit them. In particular, the misuse of identities that imitate public figures is not permitted. Multiple registration of the same person is also not permitted. To protect your privacy and avoid abuse by third parties, please check carefully whether it is necessary to include your contact details in posts.

7. Limit the number of your posts and comments

When participating in discussions, make sure that other participants have the opportunity to express themselves as well as you. If there are too many contributions and comments from individual participants, it is difficult to hear the opinions of others. The moderator has the task of ensuring balanced participation. In extreme cases, the moderation reserves the right to block the user account of an excessively active participant.