Kapitel 2: Mindestkriterien

Topic: Standard Setting

B.04 - Public consultation of standard




Can all stakeholders participate in the standard-setting process? 



Accepted: yes  

Not accepted:  no   



  • Statement in standard-setting procedure that lists who should be consulted.
  • This can be supplemented by records of who participated in most recent standard-setting process.



  • Members only: If it is a member organization and only members can consult.
  • Invitation only: If the scheme selects stakeholders to be invited for consultation.
  • All stakeholders: Open to any interested stakeholder.


Art. 43: These criteria are particularly relevant for (sustainable) public procurement and are based on the EU Procurement Directive 2014/24/EU (Art. 43, para. 1). For this reason, content-related feedback on criteria marked with this keyword can only be considered to a very limited extent.

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ID: 331 05.04.2021 11:20

To further strengthen this, I would recommend that there a proper stakeholder mapping/analysis has to be a part of the standard-setting process. This should be part of the publicly available standard document (e.g. in the annex). Whenever stakeholders could not be included (.e.g because of heavy restrictions on civil society activities, prohibition of trade unions or also non-availability of organised stakeholders) this should be made transparent in the stakeholder analysis.


ID: 332 05.04.2021 11:23

...just saw that with Criteria B.05 being a Mindestkriterium my point is actually covered.