Kapitel 1: Umwelt-Mindestkriterien

Kategorie: Chemicals

Chemicals harmful to the environment (E38)

Criteria question

Does the standard include criteria on H statements H400, H410, H411?


Refers to chemicals classified as environmental hazard statements according to GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals).

The following substance groups may be exempted from the requirement if further requirements on the usage conditions are determined: dyestuff for dyeing and non-pigment printing and auxiliaries including carriers, fastness enhancers, levelling agents, dispersing agents, surfactants, thickeners, binding agents or clearly defined derogations, e.g. for optical brighteners.

If the standard requires an ecological risk assessment of the substances in use, e.g. assessing a correlation between biodegradation and aquatic toxicity, then the lowest DoI should be given.

Degree of Intensity (DoI)

  1. Prohibit use, except for the substance groups listed in the guidance.
  2. Prohibit use.
  3. Prohibit use of the additional H statement H412.

In order to fulfil minimum criterion E38, the standard has to include an immediate obligatory requirement to prohibit the use of chemicals harmful to the environment except for the substances listed in the guidance.

Kommentare (2)


ID: 108 17.01.2019 16:01

Folgender Vorschlag zur Reihung und Formulierung der Anforderungen bezüglich der DoI:
1. Prohibit use, except for the substance groups listed in the guidance.
2. Prohibit use of the additional H statements H 412 and H 413, except of the substance group listed in the guidance.
3. Prohibit use.


ID: 105 16.01.2019 16:35

Für dieses Kriterium ist eine ungewöhnliche Herangehensweise gewählt worden. Es ist üblicher eine MRSL zu verwenden. Die Auswahl der Substanzen für eine MRSL beruht u.a., aber nicht nur, auf H Statements ist jedoch in den gängigen MRSLs nicht dokumentiert, so dass eine Nachweisführung für dieses Kriterium erschwert wird.