Kapitel 1: Umwelt-Mindestkriterien

Kategorie: Water

Wastewater parameters (basic) (E08)

Criteria question

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Does the standard include threshold values on basic wastewater parameters?


All wet-processing sites are relevant with regard to criteria for wastewater.

In the case of textiles, the basic parameters are COD, pH, colour removal, and temperature.

In the case of leather, the basic parameters are COD, NH4-N (or TKN), sulphide and chrome (total).


Degree of Intensity (DoI)

1. Addresses production steps in textile finishing

2. Addresses production steps in yarn production (including wool treatment, treatment of flax and other bast fibres and treatment of cellulose) and textile finishing. 


The first sentence in the column "Guidance" is misleading and needs to be revised. In yarn production, only some special processes are relevant for wastewater, e.g. the treatment of wool or the production of viscose fibres. With regard to wastewater, all wet-processing sites are relevant.

This criterion is currently a minimum criterion..

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ID: 35 12.10.2018 11:47

We recommend that both degrees of intensity should be considered.


ID: 31 12.10.2018 11:32

These values are asked in all national legislation applicable in garment producing countries. So a reference on national legislation should be sufficient.


Kommentar der Moderation
ID: 46 12.10.2018 18:05

Thanks for your comment! We will take this point to the discussion in the workshop and hopefully find consensus with all stakeholders.


ID: 10 09.10.2018 17:24

I would recommend to add the BOD for textile as well as for leather testing as an important parameter. For leather Cr VI in the waste water would be recommended.


Kommentar der Moderation
ID: 21 10.10.2018 15:59

Thanks for your comment!

BOD currently part of the "advanced" wastewater parameters E09 (https://www.ssct-revision.org/nachhaltigkeit/de/home/file/fileId/120/name/Umweltkriterien%20dialogplattform_NEU) , which includes also AOX, N, P, sulphide, ammonium nitrogen and chrome, copper, nickel, zinc, tin.
Would you argue that all parameters should be part of the minimum criterion (i.e. include E09 in minimum criteria), or move BOD to the basic parameters?

Best, Johannes Luderich