Kapitel 1: Umwelt-Mindestkriterien

Kategorie: Chemicals

Biodegredability of substances (E34)

Criteria question

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Does the standard include criteria on biodegradability of substances?


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This aspect can be covered e.g. by recognized test methods (e.g. OECD or REACH methods). E.g. per-/polyfluorinated chemicals have a low biodegradability.

Degree of Intensity (DoI)

1. Claim biodegradability of substances/preparations for some applications

2. Claim biodegradability of Substances/preparations for all applications

This criterion is a newly proposed minimum criterion.

"Biodegradation" is an important parameter for determining an ecological impact. If a substance is not biodegradable, it will persist and, if further emitted, accumulate in the environment.

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ID: 32 12.10.2018 11:35

@ Degree of intensitiy, 1. Claim biodegradability of substances/preparations for some applications

Please add:
at least for fabric softeners, complexing agents and surfactants.


Kommentar der Moderation
ID: 41 12.10.2018 17:52

Thanks for your proposal! Could you provide an explanation why the mentioned applications should be covered as a minimum?


ID: 23 12.10.2018 08:33

This check point is lacking definitions. Even cotton and some other biopolymers can be understood as being not biodegradable under certain testing conditions.


Kommentar der Moderation
ID: 42 12.10.2018 17:53

Thanks four you comment. We should specify in the guidance, which possible applications are meant/which substanced should ideally be biodegradable.